Table mimic.mimiciii.patients
Patients associated with an admission to the ICU.

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
row_id int4 10 Unique row identifier.
subject_id int4 10
admissions.subject_id admissions_fk_subject_id R
callout.subject_id callout_fk_subject_id R
chartevents.subject_id chartevents_fk_subject_id R
cptevents.subject_id cptevents_fk_subject_id R
datetimeevents.subject_id datetimeevents_fk_subject_id R
diagnoses_icd.subject_id diagnoses_icd_fk_subject_id R
drgcodes.subject_id drgcodes_fk_subject_id R
icustays.subject_id icustays_fk_subject_id R
inputevents_cv.subject_id inputevents_cv_fk_subject_id R
inputevents_mv.subject_id inputevents_mv_fk_subject_id R
labevents.subject_id labevents_fk_subject_id R
microbiologyevents.subject_id microbiologyevents_fk_subject_id R
noteevents.subject_id noteevents_fk_subject_id R
outputevents.subject_id outputevents_fk_subject_id R
prescriptions.subject_id prescriptions_fk_subject_id R
procedureevents_mv.subject_id procedureevents_mv_fk_subject_id R
procedures_icd.subject_id procedures_icd_fk_subject_id R
services.subject_id services_fk_subject_id R
transfers.subject_id transfers_fk_subject_id R
Primary key. Identifies the patient.
gender varchar 5 Gender.
dob timestamp 22 Date of birth.
dod timestamp 22  √  null Date of death. Null if the patient was alive at least 90 days post hospital discharge.
dod_hosp timestamp 22  √  null Date of death recorded in the hospital records.
dod_ssn timestamp 22  √  null Date of death recorded in the social security records.
expire_flag int4 10 Flag indicating that the patient has died.

Table contained 46,520 rows at Thu Oct 12 12:29 EDT 2017

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
row_id Primary key Asc pat_rowid_pk
subject_id Must be unique Asc pat_subid_unique

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