Table mimic.mimiciii.inputevents_mv
Events relating to fluid input for patients whose data was originally stored in the MetaVision database.

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row_id int4 10 Unique row identifier.
subject_id int4 10
patients.subject_id inputevents_mv_fk_subject_id R
Foreign key. Identifies the patient.
hadm_id int4 10  √  null
admissions.hadm_id inputevents_mv_fk_hadm_id R
Foreign key. Identifies the hospital stay.
icustay_id int4 10  √  null
icustays.icustay_id inputevents_mv_fk_icustay_id R
Foreign key. Identifies the ICU stay.
starttime timestamp 22  √  null Time when the event started.
endtime timestamp 22  √  null Time when the event ended.
itemid int4 10  √  null
d_items.itemid inputevents_mv_fk_itemid R
Foreign key. Identifies the charted item.
amount float8 17,17  √  null Amount of the item administered to the patient.
amountuom varchar 30  √  null Unit of measurement for the amount.
rate float8 17,17  √  null Rate at which the item is being administered to the patient.
rateuom varchar 30  √  null Unit of measurement for the rate.
storetime timestamp 22  √  null Time when the event was recorded in the system.
cgid int4 10  √  null
caregivers.cgid inputevents_mv_fk_cgid R
Foreign key. Identifies the caregiver.
orderid int4 10  √  null Identifier linking items which are grouped in a solution.
linkorderid int4 10  √  null Identifier linking orders across multiple administrations. LINKORDERID is always equal to the first occuring ORDERID of the series.
ordercategoryname varchar 100  √  null A group which the item corresponds to.
secondaryordercategoryname varchar 100  √  null A secondary group for those items with more than one grouping possible.
ordercomponenttypedescription varchar 200  √  null The role of the item administered in the order.
ordercategorydescription varchar 50  √  null The type of item administered.
patientweight float8 17,17  √  null For drugs dosed by weight, the value of the weight used in the calculation.
totalamount float8 17,17  √  null The total amount in the solution for the given item.
totalamountuom varchar 50  √  null Unit of measurement for the total amount in the solution.
isopenbag int2 5  √  null Indicates whether the bag containing the solution is open.
continueinnextdept int2 5  √  null Indicates whether the item will be continued in the next department where the patient is transferred to.
cancelreason int2 5  √  null Reason for cancellation, if cancelled.
statusdescription varchar 30  √  null The current status of the order: stopped, rewritten, running or cancelled.
comments_editedby varchar 30  √  null The title of the caregiver who edited the order.
comments_canceledby varchar 40  √  null The title of the caregiver who canceled the order.
comments_date timestamp 22  √  null Time at which the caregiver edited or cancelled the order.
originalamount float8 17,17  √  null Amount of the item which was originally charted.
originalrate float8 17,17  √  null Rate of administration originally chosen for the item.

Table contained 3,618,991 rows at Thu Oct 12 12:29 EDT 2017

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
row_id Primary key Asc inputevents_mv_rowid_pk
subject_id Performance Asc inputevents_mv_idx01
hadm_id Performance Asc inputevents_mv_idx02
icustay_id Performance Asc inputevents_mv_idx03
itemid Performance Asc inputevents_mv_idx05

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