Table mimic.mimiciii.diagnoses_icd
Diagnoses relating to a hospital admission coded using the ICD9 system.

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
row_id int4 10 Unique row identifier.
subject_id int4 10
patients.subject_id diagnoses_icd_fk_subject_id R
Foreign key. Identifies the patient.
hadm_id int4 10
admissions.hadm_id diagnoses_icd_fk_hadm_id R
Foreign key. Identifies the hospital stay.
seq_num int4 10  √  null Priority of the code. Sequence 1 is the primary code.
icd9_code varchar 10  √  null
d_icd_diagnoses.icd9_code diagnoses_icd_fk_icd9 R
ICD9 code for the diagnosis.

Table contained 651,047 rows at Thu Oct 12 12:29 EDT 2017

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
row_id Primary key Asc diagnosesicd_rowid_pk
subject_id Performance Asc diagnoses_icd_idx01
icd9_code Performance Asc diagnoses_icd_idx02
hadm_id Performance Asc diagnoses_icd_idx03

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