Table mimic.mimiciii.microbiologyevents
Events relating to microbiology tests.

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row_id int4 10 Unique row identifier.
subject_id int4 10
patients.subject_id microbiologyevents_fk_subject_id R
Foreign key. Identifies the patient.
hadm_id int4 10  √  null
admissions.hadm_id microbiologyevents_fk_hadm_id R
Foreign key. Identifies the hospital stay.
chartdate timestamp 22  √  null Date when the event occured.
charttime timestamp 22  √  null Time when the event occured, if available.
spec_itemid int4 10  √  null
d_items.itemid microbiologyevents_fk_spec_itemid R
Foreign key. Identifies the specimen.
spec_type_desc varchar 100  √  null Description of the specimen.
org_itemid int4 10  √  null
d_items.itemid microbiologyevents_fk_org_itemid R
Foreign key. Identifies the organism.
org_name varchar 100  √  null Name of the organism.
isolate_num int2 5  √  null Isolate number associated with the test.
ab_itemid int4 10  √  null
d_items.itemid microbiologyevents_fk_ab_itemid R
Foreign key. Identifies the antibody.
ab_name varchar 30  √  null Name of the antibody used.
dilution_text varchar 10  √  null The dilution amount tested for and the comparison which was made against it (e.g. <=4).
dilution_comparison varchar 20  √  null The comparison component of DILUTION_TEXT: either <= (less than or equal), = (equal), or >= (greater than or equal), or null when not available.
dilution_value float8 17,17  √  null The value component of DILUTION_TEXT: must be a floating point number.
interpretation varchar 5  √  null Interpretation of the test.

Table contained 631,726 rows at Thu Oct 12 12:29 EDT 2017

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
row_id Primary key Asc micro_rowid_pk
subject_id Performance Asc microbiologyevents_idx01
hadm_id Performance Asc microbiologyevents_idx02

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